Ziravie Plus-Stop Hair Fall Now
( Region dependent & available globally)

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Product Description

Stop Hair Fall In Days!

Stop Worrying About The Future!

Ziravie® Plus Hair Fall Treatment is a 100% natural formula comprised of pure deep nourishing oils, extracts from fresh fruits and green plants, cinnamon bark and rose petals.

Ziravie® Plus penetrates rapidly through the scalp, providing rich nourishment for robust, hydrated and glossy hair to stop hair fall the Natural Way.


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Ziravie Nutrient Integrity:
The current ampoules show  an  expiry date of September 2011 referring to the manufacturer’s warranty on the ampoule only.  The Ziravie Plus Hair Treatment has an indefinite shelf life while it remains in the sealed ampoule.  After the ampoule has been opened, the product will maintain  its integrity for 1 month due to it’s 100% natural composition.

New Stock Due Late June Will Come In 200ml Bottle:
If you purchase the new stock and larger bottle we will ship your shampoo and brush immediately; and send you product fresh from the lab.

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( Region dependent & available globally)”