Q: Does ZIRAVIE help split ends?

Yes since ziravie contains five essential oils it hydrates the hair and helps to seal split ends. This does take some time though.


Q: Besides oil does ZIRAVIE have any other product to offer?

Yes ZIRAVIE offers a nourishing shampoo which contains 100% natural ziravie nutrient concentrate, which helps hydrate the scalp and hair . The shampoo also replaces some of the oils that are usually depleted during shampooing.


Q: When is it best to use ZIRAVIE ?

History has proven that the all night treatment works best as it allows the nutrients to penetrate deep within. However, science states that the scalp absorbs a natural oil within 20 minutes. We recommend that Best would be to apply ziravie in the night and that also on the scalp because it helps to strengthen the roots which in turn in the long run helps to better the quality of hair.


Q: Does ZIRAVIE help post pregnancy hair fall?

Yes, because the nourishment principles remain the same. Please see reviews section where two ladies speak of their post natal pregnancy.


Q: How long does a bottle of ZIRAVIE last?

It depends on the length, density and condition of your scalp. If applying onto the scalp only, a general guideline would be 7 ml per application. Please look at the personalizad program to see how much you would need.


Q: Is ZIRAVIE a natural product?

Yes,. Ziravie is a 100% natural, and therefore no side effects should be expected. However, please take a look at the ingredients list to verify that you have no allergies to any of the ingredients


Q:Are there any risks to using ZIRAVIE?

None that we know of. Ziravie is safe for all ages and conditions from infants to aged.


Q: What is ZIRAVIE made of?

Ziravie is made of essentials oils, and extracts of plants and fruits. Please see key ingredients on this site for further information.


Q: How long should I leave ZIRAVIE on?

Use daily for the first week. Use 3/ week for a few weeks until you see results. Once you begin to see results, use 2 /week to maintain your scalp and root health. If you are trying to repair damaged hair or excessive hair loss, then use all night every day for the first 7-10 days and gradually move to 3 and finally 2/week. Please note that Ziravie is intuitive to your body and hence, Works with its intelligence for sustainable results. Please see guidelines on the personalizad program on this site.

Q: Can I speak with others who have used ZIRAVIE?

You are welcome to do so on the Ziravie Factbook page. If you have specific questions for those who have submitted reviews, please email us to forward on for confidentiality purposes.


Q: If someone is on medication, can we still use ZIRAVIE? (diabetes, allergies, backpains, cancer etc?

Absolutely. We have seen positive results in chemotherapy patients, pregnancy, high stress, as well as infants.


Q: what are your payment terms?

Payments can be made by paypal, credit card, bank transfer or pay on delivery courier.


Q: What is the price of ZIRAVIE ?

Please click on the Order now button on this site, which will take you directly to the parchase section of the site.


 Q: How much will a full ZIRAVIE Treatment cost?

That depends on your hair condition. Please see the Personalized Program Guide to determine your requirements. Then click on the order button now to see the prices of each product. The objective is to reach the maintenance stage of scalp and root hair health.


Q: Can I resolve my hair fall problem with medical treatment?

There are many options available to you with temporary Solutions. There are very few options that are 100% natural and sustainable like Ziravie that offer limited to no side effects and allow your hair to grow naturally in harmony with your bodies intelligence.


Q: Where can I purchase ZIRAVIE?

You can purchase Ziravie online by clicking on the ORDER NOW button at the bottom of the page.


Q: Can ZIRAVIE help people who have lost hair due to hereditary reasons?

Yes. Ziravie was made for Karima who was suffering early Balding due to stress and hereditary causes.