At age 37, I was losing so much hair, I was expecting to be bald and wearing a wig in a few months. My confidence was affected because I was trying to hide my bald patches and could no longer wear my hair down, which used to make me feel vibrant. Not only was I sad, I was worried, as I viewed my extreme hair loss as a sign of a decline in health. Fortunately, my husband Amyn, who has a deep knowledge of plants, prepared a home remedy to apply on my scalp and hair, supplemented with a daily blend of fresh fruit juices(link to fill in form on home page) to drink to boost the nourishment in my blood system. After 2 weeks of daily treatment, my hair loss decreased significantly. A month later, the bald patches began to disappear, and over the next three months, my beautiful thick black hair was restored with a much healthier appearance. I was elated, thankful and amazed. As I shared this story, I realized that so many of us, men, women, even teenagers, suffer a variety of hair challenges, but do not speak about it. They worry quietly assuming there is no solution. We continued to share my story and remedy with family, friends, and those in need, including patients undergoing chemotherapy, with excellent results, and repeated requests. This motivated us to refine our products, and build this site through which we could reach out to the world with the Ziravie Solution ~ Nourishment! Now, aged 50, I still enjoy a healthy head of hair and wear my hair down with confidence, thanks to Ziravie. I am delighted to have the ability to invite you to do the same. Enjoy the Ziravie Confidence ~Just Try it.
Susana, Spain
I have a full head of hair, but it is dry. I use Ziraviehair nutrient once a week all night, and it helps me maintain moisture so my hair looks and feels healthy
Samir, Mozambique
My wife was losing so much hair after the birth of our daughter, it was visible all over the bathroom. Ziravie stopped the hair loss. I cannot tell you how happy we are now.
Rix, UK
I used Ziravie for 23 nights and my hair grew in length by 5 inches
Laura, Spain
I kept running my fingers through my sisters head because something was different. I had not seen her in a while. Then I realized, that her hair was fuller and felt soft and healthy. That’s when I heard of Ziravie
Ahmed, UK
I have been going to the same barber since birth. When I went to him last, he asked me if I had changed hair products, as my hair shedding had decreased a great deal and my roots were stronger. I told him I had begun using Ziravie.
Paqui, Spain
Con Ziravi, mi peloestamashidratado y mispuntasmenosestropeadas, ademas mi peloquedaprotegido de la sal y cloro de laspiscinas.
Sush, Saudi Arabia
I was losing so much hair after the birth of my first child. I tried all the big name brands and nothing worked. I was so frustrated. A friend gave me some ZiraviePlus, and voila! I noticed the difference in a week. Ziravie has become a household name and is used by everyone in my family, My hair is growing again …… thank you!
Alvaro, Spain
I am an irregular Ziravie user, but notice that my hair feels nourished and remains stronger.